A few years ago the video games market has become more profitable than a cinema market.

The most successful hits are built and programmed by hundreds of developers.

In large projects the contribution of individuals in the creative process is comparatively small and the promotion costs exceed the cost of production.

The industry requires profits which why games are designed in way to sell it in largest numbers of copies.

In opposition to this strategy are game jams (GJ), the events where within 48 hours participants individually or in small groups create a complete video game.

The spirit of GJ allows to move away from the commercial side of making games and to focus on the own, and original idea.

The Slavic Game Jam (SGJ) is the largest event in Poland, which in 2016 consisted of 270 participants.

The time frames as well as complication of creating process require from designers intensive mental and physical efforts.

Over two days, people are sleeping up to several hours, usually at their desks or on the floor.

The hard work atmosphere is present, despite the fact that probably not every single game will be succeed or even finished.

However, for participants important is creation itself, which may revolutionize the market, and promote a new look at the entertainment.

Others want to face the challenge, prove they are able to finish the project, or just for the first time try to design the complete game.